You left the cat outside again
he’s clawing at the door
Screaming like a devil
while you’re passed out on the floor

He watched you through the window
tying string around your arm
Looked to be a snake or something
trying to do you harm

The cat is making mischief
as he’s rattling a can
Trying to bridge the distance
between God and fallen man

He watched your chances flying by
as you were fitting in
Searching for acceptance
and the whom you should have been

The cat is at the door again
but this time he is knocking
A spare key’s in the mailbox
But no one is unlocking

He watched you live on borrowed time
placing bets with fate
Now you’re cashing in your chips
and so the cat must wait

The credit card that was your soul
is maxed out to the limit
The wasted life you count as gain
is worthless with you in it

Now the cat sounds like a siren
rushing through the night
Peering in your window
like the flashing of a light

The siren turns to singing
as the cat is standing by
Looking like a doctor
from the corner of your eye

You left your life outside again
your body has grown cold
You see yourself the way you were
before you grew so old

The cat is watching strangers
who are breaking down your door
Trying to wake you up
as you are lying on the floor

But it’s a losing battle
like the war that was your life
A testament to heartbreak
on the sharp end of a knife

The cat has whispered in your ear
a prayer that’s reassuring
You’re floating on a stretcher
as the cat continues purring

A blazing light surrounds you
as you drift up to the sky
The cat is in the doorway
as he’s waving you goodbye

The story here has ended
and it may or not be true
It’s just a tale of misery
from several points of view

The cat is just a metaphor
the woman’s life was real
The devil’s always waiting there
to kill, destroy, and steal

The room is just a prison
and the doorway, Heaven’s gate
The string is a reminder
that the hour is getting late

Spare key is a second chance
that she could never take
A rattling can, a warning
not to tempt the hands of fate

The siren is a song
for all the souls that die each day
Who gain a world of silence
with the lives they throw away

The cat is nowhere to be found
he’s vanished in the night
An angel of the alleyways
between the dark and light

TM DiSarro

©2023 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing



Photo: Pinterest

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