There were times we counted heartbreak
Like a friend from days gone by
Exchanging vows
Insulting altars
Kissing under cobalt skies

Promises so freely pouring
Into cups of life, we toast
Opening an empty dance floor
To a banquet full of ghosts

Other days we swept up shadows
Into corners of the night
Candles lit to fallen angels
Contemplating shades of white

Creating works of art for others
Mixing colors into grey
Choosing words as vain disguises
Masquerades for things we say

There were times we found excuses
Double speaking in reverse
Using silence as a weapon
Solving crimes by shooting first

Breadcrumb trails of vague details
Clues like dues we paid for pain
Counting loss as saving graces
Trading pleasures for disdain

Time betrays the sense of longing
Dreams are gathered into files
Tucked away in secret ciphers
Mysteries of choices made

Loss becomes a sense of purpose
Retrospect, a sacred crutch
Filling in the cracks with wishes
For the loves we never touch

TM DiSarro

©2023 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing




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