Our kisses folded into paper
Condensed to an explanation
For an origami army of one
Where the questions are legion
And answers are enemies
Apologies only footnotes
In a diary of discontent

Words we use as clothing
Hiding naked truths we covet
Saying nothing is the mortar
Building walls of speculation
Yet we often speak too soon
And the silence is shattered
Eyes fiercely focus on
The source of all resentment

Then suddenly, aware of our nakedness
We hide our shame with false confessions
to a lesser god who feeds us candy
and sweet discussions
Pointing blame to no avail
We fail to feel the flames we fan

Wrapped in books of poetry (cold)
Armaments of syllables (dull)
Paragraphs like epitaphs (worn)
The mourners bow their heads
Praising idols just for laughs
But they cannot raise the dead
Removing scales from bloodshot eyes
Hoping for a better view
But it is at best, futile

And still, they see us as complete
Yet, all are deceived
For we are only orphans (starving)
On the doorstep of an empty church
Cursed by unholy scripture
We speak with hollow prayers
Tongues of mischief spewing
Against the countenance of a monkey heaven
Deaf, indifferent, amused and confused
By warped design and secret intentions

For this cosmic landscape is but a figment
of a fractured imagination
A grand illusion of our own creation
Hiding inside egos
Just castles made of clay
Wings fashioned from fables
Lies becoming language once again
Transfigured into angels of light
We cleverly blind the congregation
Deceptively singing Psalms
Accepting meaningless praises
From adoring demons

TM DiSarro

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