When tomorrow comes around
Today will be the past
And fear will have no future
When the truth is known at last

Today you feel as dark as night
Tomorrow may be rain
Existence like a form of life
Or stories one the same

And when tomorrow comes around
Today will seem a dream
A fantasy of misery
Like teardrops in a stream

To wash away all reasons
As we search for what we had
A sort of disinfectant
On the remnants of a scab

We’ll start again as we pretend
Today was something new
Then know for sure the cure
Was just a hurt we’ve all been through

A common bond we got beyond
With wishes, prayers, and hope
And days that blur together
As if counting knots in ropes

Or words like links inside a chain
To bind you to your home
A message in the moment
For the hearts that beat alone

Yet simple acts of caring
Bring the selfish to their knees
But nothing comes to nothing
If our hate is the disease

Today will soon be yesterday
Tomorrow doesn’t care
As past lives turn to shadows
In this present day we share

For only in the present
Is our destiny truly known
The future’s just a window
To the sorrow that we own

We take it on our journey
Like a weight upon our necks
A view that’s skewed completely
In the pain the past reflects

But now is all that matters
Life dissolves in blind degrees
It’s easy to lose hope
When all our wants
Outweigh our needs

And when tomorrow comes
Will it be more or less the same?
A bad day on repeat
Or just a fear we cannot name

Will all our dreams come true
Before the dawn bleeds into day
Ringing in the new year
As the future slips away

TM DiSarro

From the book:


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