Transitions mark my sorrows
as the green grass turns to brown
There’s a chill October breeze
Feels like steel against my neck

We were younger in September
with no troubles to be found
Another way to say remember
is “refusing to forget”

As the restless autumn songbirds
Seek out climates warm and dry
Knowing winter’s blight
Is just around the bend

A proclivity to leaving
Long before they learn to fly
Not a worry as another
summer ends

Instinct drives them ever forward
to the safety they now seek
Why do colors bloom
whenever leaves are dying

As we gravitate towards silence
long before we learn to speak
Our emotions flow
As inwardly, we’re crying

So we come together, anxious
pull the wool so we can’t see
Change our feelings
with the seasons as if styles

Keeping closets full of faces
Melt into society
Cast aspersions as we hide
behind our smiles

No one feels the pain of leaving
Until we open up our mouths
Watching daydreams turn
to nightmares on a wing

Writing out your rhymes and reasons
as the birds are flying south
History repeating
Like a funeral dirge, you sing

Into skies of faded summers
Cold grey clouds now harbor shapes
Shifting with a state of mind
so full of lies

Staring out a motel window
Getting drunk on sour grapes
Wonder where the time went
while love slowly died

TM DiSarro

©2022 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing




Art: Pinterest

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