Flying from my lover’s bed

To chase those tolling bells

Hoarding pain as tiny threads

To weave them into spells

Ravens in the black of night

Hiding in plain sight

Worshipping the darkness

As they scatter from the light

As wool is pulled over the eyes

The truth is slyly spilled

Before you ever realize

The precious time I’ve killed

Creating stark indifference

With these syllables I sling

Showered with approval

For the nothing that I bring

Steel blade questions cut so deep

As arrows in my back

Answered in the frozen sun

Exposing all I lack

And what of blades and rusted spades

To dig a place to die

As shallow as the life I’ve lived

Not deep enough to hide

The guilt and shame and endless blame

As fragile fingers point

To every failure we fulfill

Successes we disjoint

So when did paper turn to chains

To bind my blood to ink

While melting normal into strange

And warping how I think

There’s magic in the subtleties

Of whispers to a scream

As morals turn to novelties

Replacing truth with dreams

We formulate our fate too late

To fix a point of view

Until we blindly follow

Every sorrow shining through

But please remember every thought

Held captive by a lie

Becomes like sand between the teeth

And thorns inside the eyes

An incantation only works

With absolute belief

A puzzle mumbled backwards

As we resurrect our grief

Whatever we desire

Whether good or bad or torn

Is placed as if an order

From the day that we are born

As bridges for our secret pain

Burn slowly at the source

The mind will build them back again

As markers for our loss

TM DiSarro

©2022 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing

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One thought on “INCANTATIONS

  1. If only to let the past go. This is the secret I think to everything in life. Too many times we compare the past to the present. This is an outstandingly beautiful write (from the soul). ❤️


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