My life is lost in paper dreams
So worn with sweet decay
Nostalgia bears the crush of passing years
It taints the things I write about
Through every wasted day
As letters take the place of falling tears

There’s always vague remembrances
I twist to suit my will
To make the hurt seem less than what it is
While writing out these scenes
I never truly fill the space
Between what’s real and everything I miss

The years play tricks to equalize
The heartbreak on the page
As we concede that fate is less than kind
But all that really matters
Is the way I disengage
To minimize confusion in my mind

The past can only compensate
For distance as I blame
Creating walls from all I cannot show
And every line I write
Becomes a roadmap to your name
Determining the path my heart will go

We harbor our regrets
Like ships of mischief in the sea
And sail them into rocks along the shore
Then leave the truth like castaways
Abandoned on a page
Drowning in the words that we adore

Jumping ship when cornered
Is the way that we survive
Panic as we sink beneath the waves
Blind to any saving grace
To possibly revive
Ignorant to any love that saves

Lost in sweet nostalgia
An illusion to be sure
Starvation won’t suffice the unredeemed
As Images of words
Create realities that blur
Living life Inside these paper dreams

TM DiSarro

©2022 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing

From my book:

Art: Pinterest

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