Shall I share with you a story
Where on earth will I begin
In the world that we created
Or the place we hide within

Shall I share with you a dreamscape
Draped in shades of black and white
Where my colors have been banished
To the countenance of night

There’s a time to dwell in silence
Watching life pass by in pixels
Buying pretty things to worship
Mincing questions by the mouthful

There’s a reason love abandons
All the strongholds of illusion
Where attention shifts monotony
From acceptance to confusion

Shall I now continue lying
Scribbling as my thoughts deceive me
Now that love is lost for dying
Far beyond where you believe me

Can I pour my heart as water
In a cup of disenchantment
Making chaos in short order
Turning blessings to abatement

As you read will you abandon
All the common threads you cling to
Sowing seeds and counting curses
Looking back to hurt we’ve been through

There’s a power in acceptance
Just as words sink into paper
Silent prayers to whispers screaming
Thoughts like anvils turn to vapor

Blown as kisses that you covet
Caught as ends to your misgivings
Stories born of loss and loving
Obituaries for the living

TM DiSarro

©2022 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing




ART: Michael Cheval

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