I remember…
You lead me to a bed of roses
When all I asked you for was a flower
from a forest you used to call home
Lying beside me in a dream
you spoke of magic as an art
Incantations in whispers
Syllables vibrating to divine resonance
The words flowed like music
and then they became water
We swallowed as light

I remember…
Watching from the ceiling
Like a spirit
Like a ghost
Out of my body I saw us
Watched you cover me in darkness
And it looked to be beautiful
Then the room disappeared
And I was blind
Awakening to nothingness
But soon the room filled with memories
Kisses sweet
Touching taste, scents, and sounds
Perfect goodnights listening
Long goodbyes deafening
Perfume lingering
Roses dying

I remember…
Your name resting on my lips
Spoken like honey on my tongue
The sound of our names
In each other’s ears
Echoes in the dark
We hear
We feel
We sleep
Now once again my eyes are closed
And we are in a field
The words you gave to me
I return to you with interest
As you lay on your back watching
grey clouds blowing past you
Against a faded blue countenance
Taking shape and making faces
They smile as you cry out
To heaven

I remember…
You told me grey clouds come with the rain
But you don’t mind getting wet
As you dance to the sound of thunder
Smiles swim deep inside your voice
Yet you speak of certain darkness
And brilliant light from forgotten suns
The kind that catches your skin
Sparkles in sweat
Filters through flowing hair
Veiling mischievous eyes
Saying so much in a flash of lightning
Capturing moments in time
Like the picture you took for me that day
I remember you sent it to me
A gift I keep in my pocket
So I may see you again
So I may remember

TM DiSarro
©2022 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing




Photo: Pinterest

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