My thinking is no different
since the day you set me free
There is no rhyme or reason
why you still return to me

You show up as an empty wish
with not a word to say
Uncross your legs and blow a kiss
and then you’re on your way

I watch you leave and come again
repeating in my ear
Is love a state of mind for fools
or is it truth you fear?

In circles you complete my pain
In retrospect I see
What goes around comes back again
when you return to me

It’s like a game that I still play
where you make all the rules
A temporary bed to lay
or dream to slip into

I know one day the time will come
The wheel stops turning ’round
A different set of rings to run
Another form of sound

In silence I will be complete
In retrospect be free
I won’t be here to wait for you
You won’t return to me

TM DiSarro

©2022 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing



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