Beginning as a thought
Nurtured sweetly like a seed
A weed of sorts reversed
And so dispersed
Between my dreams
Planted with your words
I only heard one tone of voice
While walking in my sleep
Counting taxi cabs like sheep
Chasing clouds created
With white paper and some ink
Shadows for my doubts
With darkness soaking to the bone
Alone is just a word
Placed in the corner of a page
A toast to time we’ve lost
Poured out as dust to rusted days

Numbed to my existence
Resistance futile to the core
Before we came to nothing
Something less than nevermore
Now rain flows intravenous
Mixing acid with my blood
A flood of thoughts that come to naught
As sunshine dies in perfect rows
And so it goes, the present tense
Still makes no sense in retrospect
How we neglect the lives of those
Who factors into loss we need

These seeds of discontent
Sow wasted time or love ill spent
Repenting sins like counting change
So strange, too late we find
Blind ambition
Mock contrition
Falling in a ditch
Tripping over ties that bind
Like threads we weave with sweet deceit
We trick our lovers when they come
Tell them they’re the only one
Until the next one comes to call
So carelessly, we fall…we fall
So carelessly, we fall

TM DiSarro

©2022 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing






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