Since we said goodbye it seems
our lives are so much better
There’s far less space between us now
than when we were together

Holding onto nothing
brought our troubles into view
We filled the void with light
but missed the darkness shining through

Imagination often builds
a bridge to nevermore
We hoard our fractured fantasies
Or life we once adored

And when we found
our love was bound
with chains of discontent
We realized how we despised
the wasted years we spent

It’s funny how our dreams become
Fixations on a fault
We focus on a past-life
As our future turns to salt

So flavorless and wasted
To be trampled under foot
Still longing for the taste
Of what we both misunderstood

Replaying those mistakes
Like broken records skipping beats
Until we manifest the breaks
We need to feel complete

In retrospect what we neglect
Is everything we’ve missed
Still worshipping the distance from
Goodbye to our first kiss

TM DiSarro

©2022 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing

From the new book: EVERY WICKED BIRD


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