Hiccups in your mind appear
As increments of change
Or consequences binding
What is normal to the strange

Existing firmly at the crux
Where certainty meets chance
The higher state of consciousness
Makes stranger circumstance

You placed your bet
The die was cast
The numbers all engraved
The first to cry did laugh at last
Yet nobody was saved

You missed a beat
A skip so sweet
A misread line or three
The context stabbed
by points of view
The end, a mystery

For what will be will surely be
When love affairs malfunction
It’s not a fact of life you see
But based on an assumption

There’s no sure cure for hiccups
As if memories in the mind
Just minuscule distractions
Or like seconds lost in time

Some sugar in warm water
Drink it down and hold your nose
Or scared to death so you forget
The loss you have supposed

These hiccups in your mind
Just second thoughts you count as one
Addition for the hopeless
Still remaining when you’re done

For love is lost inside the time
It takes to steal a kiss
A permanent reminder
Of the moments that you’ve missed

TM DiSarro
©2022 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing


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