There are no restraints to speak of
in the realm of possibilities
Time expands between us
as a momentary lapse
No doubts appear in crystal skies
Or clouds to block the sun
Horizons will return
once they’ve sunk into the sea

For every day’s a phoenix
rising with an open mind
Reborn into a lifetime
lived inside a single day
The center of the universe
is useless to the blind
We see the end so clearly
based on what we choose to say

To hold the tongue
or bridle our desires with a pen
Is something that’s art form
In the larger scheme of life
Is easy to eviscerate
with hate and sleight of hand
To pull the rug so craftily
From where another stands

There is no need to wonder
when the stars refuse to fall
For wishes are abundant
in imagination’s eye
As dots we may connect
to paint a picture of desire
Creating bridges with our words
or flaming walls of fire

The effort that it takes
to rake a heart over the coals
Is much the same we need
to feed a mind or save a soul
We count on vain ambition
when contrition will suffice
Slicing ties that bind
upon the dull edge of a knife

There is no need to wonder
when we cause a friend to cry
The choice is born of envy
and a focus on oneself
For if you give as given to
with no concern for pain
The message becomes worthless
once it’s blessed in your disdain

The time is not to worry
flying on the wings of love
Gliding on a dream with hope
and nye a fear of falling
Then all too soon you change
like shooting bullets without sound
Watching from afar
removed from love that could have been

And yet we have the nerve
to question why inside a rant
A simple act of kindness
takes the place of jealous rage
The choice is ours alone
before we ever lick the stamp
To propagate more hate
or simply leave it off the page

TM DiSarro

©2022 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing

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