Blue skies so elusive
such as thoughts that never rest
Like solemn days in shades of gray
from clouds I manifest

My words create a world of pain
the sum of all I think
But love breaks through as rain
to drain my anger into ink

So I may speak your language
as a current to your heart
Across the depths of oceans
that are keeping us apart

A lesson in the dichotomy
or tale to wag the dog
A glass for me to see beyond
this self-absorbing fog

Where views are skewed by future lusts
and misdeeds of the past
In hopes to find a love divine
to bring you peace at last

Your dreaming of a lover
as you fly into the sun
For you there is no other
as your old world comes undone

The skies above may testify
in brilliant shades of blue
To maybe somehow justify
the darker things we do

TM DiSarro

Ⓒ2022 TM DiSarro/Mindscapes Publishing

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