I was thinking of a song
The tender melody of your voice
It was dancing in my mind
Not the matter of a choice
It just shows up unexpected
Somewhat forced against my will
Takes me back to sweeter moments
As it lingers there until
Turning slowly to a vision
In the image of your face
Not a question of decision
Like the stars transfixed in space
Seems your memory finds a pattern
Just as water seeks its level
As I’m drowning in perspective
While it keeps my heart disheveled
Then the vision turns to mischief
Playing games with my emotions
Stirring pots and lighting matches
Adding questions to the quotient
Now your memory surrounds me
Like the perfume that you wore
As a scent that fills my senses
As a pain, I can’t ignore
Bearing down in summer madness
Like hot sunshine on my skin
Leaves me anxious and on fire
As I’m burning from within

TM DiSarro

©2020 TM DiSarro/MindScapes Publishing

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