What was that you wrote to me
Some lines about goodbye
How when you feel
The need to leave
You always start to cry

The hardest part of letting go
Is holding on so tight
You know it’s true but even so
The timing’s never right

To leave the love you need behind
While chasing down your dreams
The life you live inside your mind
Is never what it seems

For this is how time rushes by
As blood flows through your veins
Creating colors that we hide
In notebooks full of stains

You know yourself enough to see
How love is just a cage
Where everything you hope to be
Is spilled onto a page

It’s suffocation with a smile
While slowly turning blue
We stretch those inches into miles
Denying what is true

Crying so much more these days
I see how this will end
The truth your pen and paper plays
Will not let you pretend

For where you really want to be
Is anywhere but here
Fulfillment of a destiny
Your writing with your tears

TM DiSarro
©2020 TM DiSarro/MindScapes Publishing

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