Lost in depths of deep deceptions
All my hopes were placed in silence
In your name, I was held captive
By the essence of your violence

Drowning in a desperate image
Of the hands that held my future
As you cultivated carnage
In the fantasies you nurtured

With your lust for death was captured
Worries twisted into torture
As our love became the hunger
We were scavenging like vultures

All the weight of your misgivings
Grasped as anchors around my ankles
Pulled me slowly to the bottom
Looking up to life in shambles

Feeding frenzies born of mischief
Fathoms cannot bury madness
Treading fear of your creations
Fighting for a life of sadness

Dead inside and self-defeating
Under skin I found acceptance
Never knowing I was bleeding
Until I reclaimed existence

Now you’ve taken for the last time
Playing dead I’ve fooled the living
All your waters have receded
No more pain will I be giving

For your hands no longer hurt me
Nor your hate-filled words as oceans
Now I’m walking into sunshine
Leaving tracks as missed solutions

Counting stars as endless wishes
Creating worlds I want to see
As you sink below the surface
Part of my dark history

TM DiSarro

©2020 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing

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