Once you’ve seen the deadly things
Listened to the sounds of screaming
Tasted sin from darker days
Chased the ghosts of love away

Yet it’s so hard returning
To the normalcy of fire
Waves of joy you died inside
The depths of pure desire

A riddled message to be sure
To swallow poison with the cure
To fast or feast or kiss the beast
It burns the brain to say the least

So please forgive my reverie
Darkness stained my heart you see
The next lines laid are so refined
To quantify a love divine


My soul is offered sacrifice
It burns to no avail
A gift to gods indifferent
Feeding flames of her betrayal

Sorry, it wasn’t supposed to be so sad.

But back to deadly things we crave
As scrapbooks for the lives we save
We cut and paste obituaries
Coal mines full of dead canaries

But there I go again, that’s me
So difficult to speak so sweet
The crux of which exemplifies
How spirit worlds in souls collide

And what of witches draped in white
Perfecting lies angelic lights
Captivating conjured words
Seldom seen yet never heard

You must completely think me mad
This back and forth has warped a tad
Some tit for tat then off the tracks
In contrast to the love I lack

And what of deadly things you say?
Romanticize what’s passed away
In foolish verse or clever rhymes
To harmonize with hate sublime

These deadly things are close behind
As present fears or future fails
As sunrise while the mourners wail
As hammers for your coffin nails

Identify the smallest lies
A house of plenty full of flies
An appetite the devil brings
To feed upon your deadly things

And written lines are blurred for sure
As toxic wine will blind the mind
The eyes see more than what they need
As hungry wounds forever bleed

I’ve seen the deadly things and know
The pain of loss I can’t let go
The cost is paid in paragraphs
As poetry born of epitaphs

TM DiSarro

©2020 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing

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