On pillows stuffed
with feathered lies
we talk around our dreams
Creating sleepy alibis
to justify our schemes

We sanctify our misery
as if our faith was bleach
To sanitize our history
and keep love out of reach

Avoiding our commitments
with communication blocks
Buried under satin sheets
between our pillow talk

As long as we are getting laid
the fires keep burning bright
It doesn’t matter what is said
there is no wrong or right

We give and take then break
our bonds with words
that taste so sweet
Forget what’s said inside our bed
once we’re back on the street

Our words are just the path we take
to get desired ends
And pillow talk is nice to make
as long as we pretend

TM DiSarro

©2020 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing

Photo: Michael Lang

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