Unfolding as a letter
In my mind so slyly written
Your perfume fills my memory
A scent of sweet deception
Fragrance by description
In states of illusion
Love’s mirage draws me close
Falling forwards
Never arriving
Words interpreted by souls
Hourglasses without sand
Spoken verse in ancient tongues
Only we may understand

Writings penned as pure desire
On fine white sheets
Of satin elegance
Fill me with anticipation
Hanging onto every letter
Smiling faces heart-shaped hugs
Winks in yellow sunburst flying
xoxo kisses blown
Ilusive love divinely known
In my mind
Not physically

You send me poetry
Affections flow effortlessly
Images of lovers touching
Dancing to music
Inspired by desire
Longings pulling heartstrings
Melodies pulsing syllables
Harmony of wonders
Pondering the incredible
Time disappears
In vain imaginings

Hand in hand fingers locking
Arm in arm strolling careless
Exotic shores and ocean breezes
Caressing skin and sweet sensations
Stopping as the hungry waters
Lap and foam around our feet
Holding on as life reflects
What life withholds
What love neglects
Forever moments now complete
Feeling lovely pressure
Fathoms of affection
Of lips and tongues
As we kiss
Or kissed

The sun blessing bodies in warmth
We are at peace as one spirit
In a marvelous universe
of magical dreams
All from the words you send
All from the world you create
Of fate or final destiny
Reality as we may see
Of endless possibilities
Coming true for you and me
Not meant to be
Not meant to be

TM DiSarro

©2020 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing

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