You listened intently
Smiled vague approvals
Lipstick stains on
Cracked porcelain tea cups
Full of questions spilling over
Repeating a story
Inspired by a story
In puddles of nothing
Convincing yourself
Of a reality created
Out of vain imaginings
Thinking you could let go
Of those powerful words
Oppressive thoughts
Distorting perceptions
Bearing down on reason
As you recall the morning
When you woke up to her silence
Or maybe it was his
Either way something missed
It’s hard to tell
No sound to judge
Some fall we never rise above
A wrinkled mess where we once layed
An altar for our loss we prayed
More or less the same we lose
Based on who and how we choose
Now we talk in poems and posts
Ghostly rhymes accursed in verse
What’s worse we’re drawn
To lines we bleed
Links we drink as flesh we feed
Drunk from crimson thoughts as stains
And what remains is something strange
Phrases dead
Rants and rages in the head
To cleanse their souls of guilt they share
Constant cravings for despair
Foundations always caving in
With sand they save
And truth they spin
As example listen now
I’ll tell you whyand show you how
You believed me when I said
The sky was crying shades of red
A countenance of consequence
In 300 shades shifting doubt
As notes to hang a song upon
Stars of love to live without
Pretty as the sky we fly
But yet you could not see
Some misty clouds obscured your view
But you enjoyed the words I wrote
Saw me somewhat as a savior
But sadly misjudged my behavior
Writing I love you with an airplane pen
A fantasy in white and blue
From me to you and back again
Now the words have mixed with mist
Slowly faded into gray
Strange the loves we live without
Remnants of some better days

TM DiSarro

©2020 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing

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