There’s a story being written
Love as sentences unwinding
Coursing steadfast through existence
Words as blessings soul defining

Melding wantings into substance
Squeezing thoughts as fragrant fruit
Questions crushed to precious nectar
Born of pressure we’ve been through

On your face the truth is spoken
Painted lips on tongues of fire
As if sacred touch enchanted
Raptured by divine desires

Pearls of thoughts you toss as flowers
On a bed of feathered pillows
Running rings as Saturn’s spinning
Sunshine rays as grace you swallow

Tasting kisses by the mouthful
Wine we drink as roses dripping
Glasses full to overflowing
Inhibitions sweetly slipping

Under skin we wear as armor
Subterranean we’re hiding
Flooding senses into whispers
Secret wishes not confiding

There’s a story being written
In the silence of contentment
Voices melting into heartbeats
Speaking volumes in the moment

Satin sheets of paper longings
Words cascading off the pages
Signing names with fingers bleeding
Happy endings turn to cages

TM DiSarro

©2020 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing

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