Apologies were far too late
Once I said goodbye
Silence as a rose departed
Placed upon a shallow grave

A scarf of satin lavender
Or hand to block my eyes
Arrows shot to wing my soul
Feathered pens to wave

But little did you realize
I said it many times
We fail to see the dark details
When running toward the light

A fool to fall in love with you
With misdirected lines
I gave my heart so recklessly
And lost my sense of sight

Was all this hands inside my hair
Or fingerprints in time?
Wanting more than you could share
Outside your comfort zone

A sense of touch as spoken words
Connecting hearts to mind
Giving as we’re given too
Loving yet alone

Foundations born of words
On cards to craft a house of love
As lies create the shifts
Like sand will slip between the layers

Oblivious we faltered
Seeking saviors from above
Believing comes to nothing
Mixing lies inside our prayers

You’re sad I never said goodbye
Or did you never hear?
Forming worlds of fantasy
As masks behind our eyes

I said I loved you many times
Or did you never hear?
Fantasies fade into gray
Before we ever realize

The timing of a dream come true
Is lost while making plans
Satisfaction rules until
We’re satisfied no more

And questions form the answers
When we fail to understand
We say goodbye so long before
We’re walking out the door

TM DiSarro

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