Wars are waged like games we play
And won to no avail
As reasons why escape the day
Like ships of fools will sail

The blood of valor sorely spilled
In cycles incomplete
While all our cups are overfilled
And tossed into the street

We revel as the players sing
To lovers and to loss
And vainly wear the victor’s ring
Oblivious to cost

For love is just a price to pay
For someone else’s bet
No matter what the master says
The end is our regret

It’s often said that fear itself
Is all we have to fear
Like songs that bear repeating
When we’re playing life by ear

A tiresome tune we’ve heard before
In decades-long gone by
A beat like bullets keeping score
With strings that play so high

Drifting to the sounds of cries
Like wind chimes in the air
As shadows frame the troubled skies
Like words surround a prayer

While bodies hang from knotty ropes
As notes upon the breeze
Imagine this
Imagine that
As we suspend belief

For battle lines are drawn with pens
As swords inside the mind
The wicked plans of evil men
Manipulating time

Convincing us we are at odds
With people, we don’t know
Planting seeds of hatred
That continually grow

Into this twisted tale for you
In pessimistic rhyme
A story based on nothing new
That bears the test of time

TM DiSarro

©2021 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing

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