Crafty little Devil
Spinning lyrics all night long
Weaving lies to lines so sweet
Inside a secret song

Your syllables are counted
Yellow ducks inside a row
In single file
They so beguile
The ebb before the flow

And yellow’s not a color
It is more a state of mind
We fear the taste of labels
More than sour lemon rinds

But back to secret songs we sing
With tubular intent
We waste our life
A two-edged knife
Then wonder where it went

A case of mixed emotions
Eating ego with a spoon
Inventing foolish potions
While he’s writing to the moon

As friends say it’s outrageous
Never have seen such a thing
Some candy-coated mischief
Tasteless Gummy bears she brings

Just colors mixed with mayhem
On the sharp end of a fork
The baby’s on the doorstep
As we’re questioning the stork

But truth is hard to come by
When we’re swallowing a dream
A pointed beak to dip inside
This saucer full of cream

Where white gives way to boredom
And you still must wonder why
The truth you claim as covenant
Is riddled here with lies

Working through the evening
Shedding skin without the rain
Crafty little Devil
Trying to make yourself a name

TM DiSarro

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