Flies may stick to glue, it’s true
Rats may snap in traps
Silky sands to sting the eyes
And bloodied hands that clap

Skies of blue with streaks of white
Poison that we breathe
Jell-O shots with arsenic drops
as we suspend belief

Step into a brief tomorrow
and a longer day
Wake up when the sky is falling
Help is on the way

Nothing matters for the mindless
Thoughts like cups of paste
What we see looks so much better
than the food we taste

Shifting words like quicksand
suck you down before you know
Lead you in directions
that the mind should never go

Further in the conversation
nothing is explained
Melting pots of whys and whats
and sentences so strange

You question my expression
as if something’s out of place
A matter of opinion
or a minor fall from grace

The context is the pathway
From the pen onto the page
Encapsulates absurdity
Makes normal hard to gauge

Lines cast out to sea return
To bite the hand that wrote them
Heartbreak is the ink
That makes it so hard to control them

Words like snakes may slither past
the ears to soothe the soul
But more than not
They break your heart
when sadness is the goal

The march of time in step
to my obsession with the past
Studded boots to crush the roots
of loves that never last

In desperate straits, we contemplate
The things that we despise
It comes as second nature
yet we never realize

Like flies, we stick as triggers click
with shots of whiskey flowing
The life you bet, Russian roulette
Intentions we’re not showing

So stand your ground without a sound
and never show your sweat
The words you sell and tales you tell
lead often to regret

For bloodied hands may be washed clean
But guilt hides under skin
As both reveal a darker side
Of who you’ve truly been

We kill our dreams right from the start
as distance rules the day
For we can never grow apart
Remaining where we stay

The battle lines are drawn
Before I step into the door
It’s always something if it’s nothing
What you have in store

And sanity is up for sale
For the highest price
The smiles I fake
The time I take
And never sacrifice

TM DiSarro

New Book Available: getbook.at/thebushman

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