Rascals and Romeo’s
Jezebel’s all
Looking for something to steal
Demons and dandies
Behind the grey wall
Hungry for words they can feel

You pay your admission
No cover charge is too high
Secrets are sanctified
Born of submission
Into a world full of sky

Waiting in line
With a crowd full of fools
No need to plan an escape
Nothing to show but a hole
For your soul
Mouths that are covered with tape

Eyes that wear blinders
To moral malaise
Focused on lust of the skin
Can’t see the truth
When your passion’s ablaze
Can’t quite recall where you’ve been

Yet you keep coming back
To the source of the pain
Without an idea of what it is
Exchanging perfection
For flesh-colored stains
While keeping your failings well hid

Waiting in line you feel so alive
Huddled behind velvet ropes
As the pretty ones gawk
And pretend they’ve arrived
Feeding on stardom like dope

Gathering crumbs like
The lost Dharma bums
Walking a fine razor’s edge
Words that they swallow
As they blindly follow
Like lemmings will dive off a ledge

They scamper for scandal
Like rats look for cheese
Searching for sex like a whore
Skulking inside a fur coat
Full of fleas
Hoping to get through the door

As assassins drive-by
And deliver their lines
Shooting out words
Just like arrows
Crucified double if you dare to rhyme
Counting your blessings as sorrows

Lost in a fire we’re soon looking back
Wishing for more than what’s burning
Spitting approvals
Like knives into backs
Numb to the time that is turning

While up on a stage
You let your flags fly
Waving your tongue for applause
Saying I love you
Without knowing why
Making a name out of flaws

TM DiSarro

©2020 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing

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