Granted you’re a big girl now
You choose the life you lead
And where you go, I follow blind
To satisfy my need

But I can’t help but wonder how
You draw me in so well
To know for sure it’s you or her
I certainly can’t tell

For she is soft and full of life
And makes me feel no pain
While yours is bent on bad intent
And full of greedy gain

She is pure as snow is white
On this, I can depend
Yours is lies and alibis
And heartbreak in the night

Torn between the two I find
I’m blind to hurt or fun
A loss of sense
No peace of mind
As clouds will block the sun

For you are what I want for sure
To satisfy my lust
But all that’s true I find in her
A lover I can trust

The more I think about it
My anxieties increase
The joy I hope to find
Is ruined by what I can’t release

TM DiSarro

©2021 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing

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