On the cusp of the 1980’s Disco was dying a slow death being replaced by New Wave and Hip-hop and Rap…eventually the disco beats went underground and morphed into House Music feeding the alternative club scene. Overseas the rave scene was being born and Techno eventually fused with House to become a force all its own. The alternative scene would eventually meld into the mainstream as one giant party. I played both. But for now, Michael Jackson was still owning the dance floors and the predominant sound was upbeat. As the radios caved to funky grooves they were infused more and more into my playlist.

I was fortunate to grow up in what I feel was the best age for music…my favorite years of rock and roll being 1964 to1974. And then I witnessed as it transformed. I saw all the originals as they played off the energy of the zeitgeist. The Beatles, Dylan, Bowie, Zeppelin, The Who, The Clash when they were the only band that mattered, many of them live. U2 in a little club when they toured the states for the first time. All the original Hip Hop pioneers, I saw it all first hand as it unfolded. All the influencers that so many artists these days try to emulate. I was playing them in the background. They’ll all be dead in my lifetime. It’s amazing and sad in retrospect. Growing up music was my first escape. The music took me places and the lyrics opened up my imagination. Idol worship comes in many forms to help us get out of our own heads…a soundtrack for my life as I played a soundtrack to a non-stop, twenty-five-year party. Later on, words became my escape. (To be continued)

TM DiSarro

Edited out of THE BUSHMAN

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