They danced in waves of madness
on those New York City streets
Waiting for a crystal star to finally appear
Falling as a savior
counting down from ten to one
Singing Auld Lang Syne
while laughing at the dying year

Drinking to a future
and a life we thought we owned
Memories of candy-coated heaven in a glass
Hope for brighter days we sip
while slowly getting high
Wishes flash as dreamscapes
burst like fireworks in the sky

Another new year happy
stepping into mystery
Drinking to a promise
that is anybody’s guess
Born into tomorrow
with the yesterdays we grieve
Hoping for some answers
while we’re settling for less

They walked away in silence
on those streets once paved with gold
Trying to keep their distance
from a year that wouldn’t leave
Picking up the pieces
of the dreams that we were sold
Creating a new life
inside the future, we believe

TM DiSarro

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