You keep bad memories
Banished to a secret box abode
To help you cope and keep you safe
So you will not implode

From such a monumental crush
Relentless bearing down
That keeps you trampled underfoot
With your face to the ground

The weight of words or worth of life
Determined with a lie
Are justified through time and tide
And self-preserving pride

Fear like thread sews up
The dead lips wishing to reveal
The secret things abuses bring
And true love we can’t feel

The warp and woof and simple proof
On pages upon page
Of words impaled with sharp details
In fits of written rage

You hold back pain and lovely tears
Like air blown in a bubble
And when you dare
Release and share
It only brings more trouble

You jump too soon
And sway and swoon
And think it’s love you’re in
But soon enough
When things get rough
You’re pierced through
with a pin

To pop your fate as you deflate
For all the world to see
And rather than confront the truth
It’s easier to flee

For running is a state of mind
To measure our control
It makes us feel like we’re in charge
While everything unfolds

We keep our feelings under wrap
Like presents under trees
Then move about like nothing’s wrong
Hurting whom we please

But after a while those phony smiles
Will start to hurt your face
You’ll spend your time
As pantomimes will stare off into space

As people sadly pass you by
And wonder where you went
You’ll curse the day
That you were born
The useless life you spent

Blessings counted as a loss
When tossed into the air
And life is worthless to be sure
If we can never share

All that’s left are memories
Of stories you were told
And opportunities you missed
Now that you are old

You see time as an enemy
So quickly closing in
As fear is now your god of choice
With patience wearing thin

One morning you will wake up dead
Unto a blinding light
And then the very thought of you
Will vanish out of sight

TM DiSarro

©2020 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing

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