As lies inspire the color red
A razor’s edge of doubt we ride
On paths of peril in our heads
To face the fears we try to hide

Deception’s a fire inside a flame
Mocking life we carve from clay
Disguise the way we point and blame
Confusing what we think and say

So easily the heart’s deceived
Like devil’s coming for the throat
We falter in the webs we weave
While wearing misery as a coat

But please indulge me if you will
To take a left turn from this tale
And contemplate the blood we spill
While making love to no avail

Before the spotted die is cast
We lose our minds to take a chance
Determines all we can’t get past
Binds our souls to circumstance

Yet in its vain simplicity
There’s nothing new under the sun
A ray of authenticity
Can overcome what’s come undone

But we resist with stubborn pride
And state our case like preachers pray
As we exist within a lie
The truth’s left for another day

Deception tears our world’s apart
You need her but you’re not so sure
The draw you have upon his heart
Intense but so much less than pure

It taints this life as time will fly
Like poison in a cup we drink
Deception shines inside his eyes
Reveals the way she truly thinks

Deception splits his point of view
Keeps her outside looking in
Defusing bombs without a clue
Self-made pits we’re stepping in

Then he’s inside looking out
As she’s planning her escape
Speak from both sides of the mouth
Lying tongues will seal your fate

In time the cycle turns again
They split and meet somebody new
Committed as they both pretend
With fingers crossed they say I do

TM DiSarro

©2020 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing

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