The details were there for all to see
Fragments of some fractured dreams
Shared as incomplete prophecies
Disjointed stories
Forbidden histories
Middles and beginnings
Endings going nowhere
You read to me as if a child
In our bed you said a prayer
The souls we keep as slaughtered sheep
Are baptized in the tears we weep
Are counted as if loss we speak
Always asking questions
Answers so elusive
As markers for the time we waste
The sense of smell replaced by taste
Flavorless as saltless salt
Trampled with my favorite faults
Whispers in dark corners
Worshipping shadows
With solemn words on tips of tongues
They evaporate in silence
Swallowed down as memories
Gag reflexes
Poet’s hexes
Wordplay passions
Truth perplexes
Realizing the Sun is a demon
Stealing all my dark misery
In beams of golden deceptions
Steadfast and abusive
Yet years before I watched you flying
As flags waving across a promise broken
Messages written in the palm of God’s hand
Closed in fists of wrath
Opened to closed minds
Secrets as miracles for dying prophets
Metaphors in hidden languages
Spoken as commandments
For the deaf, dumb, and blind
Walking through walls created with words
On watery graves with swollen epitaphs
In clouds of wind forgotten by angels
Blowing words into drifts
Syllables into piles of
Lyrical madness
Crumpled papers like Autumn leaves
Gathered to be burned as
Forbidden books
Or photographs of
Abandoned summers
TM DiSarro




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