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Paths you travel are like shadows
Misty memories for your guides
Stepping stones of dreams once followed
Maps to where your future hides

Roads unravel missing chances
Gathered dust to sting the eyes
Justifying circumstances
Once you think that you’ve arrived

Distance feeds the dogs of conscience
Guiding you to ends unknown
Bearing down on your resistance
As you travel life alone

Anxious hearts forever wander
Second guessing every day
Cant escape the spells they’re under
Can’t depend on words they say

Desperation drives decision
Searching for some souls to steal
Cutting ties without incisions
Dull to what the truth reveals

Worries fog the restless mind
Blurring all you see as gains
Life is lost while driving blind
Changing love like changing lanes

Countless hours of counting steps
Paths that once held fast your fears
Full of years that you regret
Paths as mud mixed with your tears

Righteous paths merge into doubt
Walking with no clues to where
All your goals turned inside out
Journeys you can never share

Confusion clouds the now and then
Can’t tell life from stories told
Can’t tell paper from your pen
Summer lawns from creeping mold

Futile is the fame we find
Pain is born out of neglect
Paths interpreted as time
Signs of life we now reflect

Beacons for the darkest hours
Chosen paths erasing fear
Stepping through death’s open doors
All your shadows disappear

TM DiSarro

©2021 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing

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Photo Collage by TMD

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