Reflections bounce off bedroom walls
Flashing in at certain times
Other days the color’s fall
Clouds obscure what’s so sublime

Through the panes sunshine fills
Colored glass in perfect rows
Bottles on her window sill
Twisting light with prism glow

Draped across her skin as clothes
Wrapped in crystal shades of blue
Kisses rain from head to toes
Fill the gaps we fall into

Wistful dreams in sacred space
Desires burst into divine
Flash and shadows on her face
As we trace the passing time

Sparkles paint with fire and lace
Sunshine swirls like coffee cream
Turn themselves off with the night
Trading places with moonbeams

Colors spark another day
Burning passions in our minds
Heaven’s comfort where we lay
Pleasure follows from behind

Beaming while we’re dreaming on
Leaving all our cares to chance
As we chase a rainbow’s end
Safe inside our diamond dance

TM DiSarro

©2021 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing

Collage by TMD

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