Snowfall gathers round your ankles
Like warm hands around my knees
Blowing drifts of creamy sunshine
As the wind flows through the trees

Every wisp of sweet confection
Surely taste of yesterdays
When we layed as fallen angels
In our winter wonder maze

Now you linger as the frosting
On my crystal window pains
Chilling all my recollections
With the essence of your name

All our autumn colors covered
In this countenance of white
Winter’s bain for frostbit lovers
Once forgotten now bit twice

Snow like satin sheets surround you
As a dress that you once wore
Heaven’s dreams and cold redemption
Red rose petals on your floor

Melting into blushing beauty
On the bed where we once lay
In this misbegotten memory
Of a lost December’s day

Pink lips soft against the contrast
Of the snow that clings to sky
Restless breaths in clouds are steaming
While another’s name you cry

Snow forms fast as dawn is nearing
Scattered moments turn back time
Nothing seems as it’s appearing
In these ice storms of the mind

Like the white dress you were wearing
Pulled so sweet above your head
Lay in drifts as empty pages
On the landscape of your bed

TM DiSarro

©2020 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing


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