Fiercely riding a tempest
With a mighty voice, I cry
Against ocean waves
Shouting your name
To gods and monsters
Angels and demons
Kings or fools
Whoever will listen
Mouth full of marbles
My speech impeded
Teaching myself to rage
Like Demosthenes of old
Words as torrents flow
Drowning in your ambitions
Memory abhorrent
I sink in sand shifting
Tangled in seaweed
Water melting thoughts
Creating currents of anger
Nature bleeding
Filling my visions
Until I see only red
As you float above me
Skimming stones of accusations
Casting coins as wishes
Into the fathomless depths
Of my sorrow
I watch them cascade down
A price you paid to watch me drown
The value of a love long lost
They shimmer as they fall
Through turquoise dreams
Catching the sun
Glistening as prisms
Reflections of a worthless

TM DiSarro

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