Speaking of tongues as if flames under spoons
Fueling addictions with words that we choose
Chasing a high that you never can find
A snake in your memory swallowing time

Speaking of tongues as if whips on your back
39 lashes plus one that you lack
Stinging as scorpions in rapid succession
Rambling excuses and half-truth confessions

Speaking of tongues as they ring out with lies
Propagate hatred and offer despise
Deep seeded thoughts growing in between ears
Sprouting denials and manifest fears

Speaking of speaking and the power of silence
Words are confusing; they advocate violence
Keeping me guessing with promises made
Saying whatever to get yourself laid

Speaking of tongues, her sick cocaine stutter
Crystal meth daydreams and Jack Daniels slobber
Speaking while chewing your mouth like a glutton
Drunk in the daytime and life is forgotten

Speaking of tongues inside of false faces
Spitting out lines creating blank spaces
Dividing to conquer forked to forgiving
Whisper breath under and loss for the living

Speaking in decibels words of abuse
Leaving me speechless with each line you choose
Left in a letter, you nail on my door
Reading aloud as I’m pacing the floor

Speaking in tongues with the power to heal
Whispers of guilt or helping me feel
Guiding with prayers from the hatred you bring
Caressing my mind with the lyrics you sing

Speaking of wars and rumors thereof
Bright purple heartache and fragments of love
Rallying soldiers to lead a resistance
Parting red seas speaking worlds to existence

Speaking of tongues bringing pleasure in waves
Driving me crazy when you misbehave
Using your tongue as a weapon of love
Keeping me happy till you get enough

Speaking of tongues and the dearly departed
The lives that we live as we’re left broken-hearted
Till death do us part, you may now kiss the bride
The taste of your tongue
and the love that has died

TM DiSarro

From The Book: THE BUSHMAN available now on AMAZON

Collage by TMD

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