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In the words you speak as prayers
Life is found or so it seems
As a truth beyond compare
Floating steadfast in a dream

In the words leaving your mouth
Caught as kisses to my soul
Melt as chocolate on my lips
In a sentence swallowed whole

In the words coming between us
We transcend what we desire
Bringing fantasy to focus
Fanning flames outside the fire

In the words you speak in silence
Your eyes beckon me to follow
Safe and sound upon my pillow
Hold you close until tomorrow

In my waking hours sleeping
Walking aimless through the day
Contemplating non-existence
Connecting clues along the way

In the silence all is asking
Questions torture with the time
Listening like paint is peeling
Pain is flowing so sublime

In the words we rhyme our reasons
Weave the truth with deft of craft
Changing partners with the seasons
Cut the ties that bind in half

In the words of love we cling to
Forked as tongues are split in two
Hearing only what we want to
Denying what we know is true

TM DiSarro

©2021 TM DiSarro / Mindscapes Publishing

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