The bloody orange sunset
Melting steadfast into night
Sweet as honey dripping
As I walk the sands of time
An ice-blue killing moon
Has stripped the colors
from my sight
Leaving me a lovely corpse
Now floating in my mind

These twisted visions
Dance between my feelings
Restless on a sea
of drowning thoughts
They play beside my memories
Like a record
Skipping past the lessons
I was taught

About the way the past
Comes back to haunt you
The same as crying birds
along the shore
The unrequited heart
I once belonged to
This love affair with pain
That I so foolishly adored

The crimson overtones of
sunrise calling
Bringing lost horizons into view
Reminds me of the times
When we were falling
Into a sky we both denied
was anything but blue

It also calls to mind
The sailor’s warning
A storm is always somewhere on the way
For who would dare go sailing
Without knowing
What nature has in store
For you inside the coming day

Then soon enough we’re tossed
About like dark winds in your brain
Twisting our perceptions
To a shadow of a fault
Left with nothing but
A destination as a stain
The bitter taste of sun
And sea
Waves of flavorless salt

But this is just a passing
A letter for your eyes
a loving anchor for your heart
A shadow of a love that’s
Not perfection
Some sense of makeshift closure
When two lovers drift apart

If you will please just take
These words I write you
Burn them to the heavens
As a form of funeral pyre
Smell the scent of ashes
Drifting upward
Watch them as they float
Outside the fires of our desires

These bloody orange sunsets
Are for suckers
For lost romantics wishing upon stars
We see the past and futures
In our present
But never recognize
What fools we are

For love is useless
Holding on to letters
Of loss and longing
Written on our hearts
We’ll never see the end
From a beginning
When memories steal
Our joys right from the start

TM DiSarro

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