The road unfolds a serpent
As you travel from your home
Hissing your resentment
As you spend your time alone

It’s end is your beginning
At the center of your brain
As broken plates for spinning
While you gravitate towards pain

To break free from the present
You must keep the past at bay
Inviting in temptations
With the flirty things you say

Gathering defenses
Into rhymes, you use as tools
But find they are all useless
In the company of fools

Your lovers are as strangers
Kissing in clandestine places
Regarding them as little pets
Or clowns with painted faces

Repeating lies a thousand times
As lessons learned in school
But knowledge keeps you guessing
In the company of fools

Wishing for some peace you sleep
With ghosts inside your head
Justify while deep inside
You’re burning in your bed

Secretly you question love
While breaking your own rules
But reasoning is lost inside
The company of fools

The dreams you chase
Are warped in space
Like shadows on the moon
As time erases all your graces
Growing old too soon

Still stuck inside your head
You hide your thoughts
As precious jewels
But let them go for nothing
In the company of fools

Incessant dreams of nonsense
Schemes abound inside a wheel
A wealth of debt and dark regrets
Reveal the way you feel

To bring a sense of closure
We must say goodbye to trust
A double sword exposure
Showing both sides of your lust

We keep on coming back as dogs
To sniff each other’s tears
While barking up another’s tree
The truth is what we fear

The bottom line is lost in time
Inside reflecting pools
To show you how to die inside
The company of fools

TM DiSarro

©2020 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing

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Art: Michael Cheval

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