Dear Matthew,

I am not like anyone you’ve ever known—darkness and light juxtaposed —deep in some respects, but easy to talk to. A fearless romantic not afraid to express her feelings. Someone you could know without physically knowing. Someone you could trust without ever touching, or insanely lust after without a first kiss. A lover you can see in your imagination sharing your bed—sharing your world.

You’re a beacon in a dark ocean—that ocean I was occupying last year—no longer for your beautiful nature allows me to view paradise where there was once desert lands. Now we have beaches in our minds to spend pleasant fantasies in—beautiful shores to walk as we talk about tomorrow and all the glorious possibilities.

On that lovely shore looking into each other’s eyes and knowing this is real—speaking poetry to each other like tender promises while ocean birds fly overhead against a brilliant blue sky—do you see it, love? Can you feel it?

Our words swimming inside each other—completing each other like a song—like a sentence in a magnificent story flowing one to the next. Words inspiring melodies and melodies to words. Will you sing to me with your soul as I will sing to you?

An amazing melody that stirs our senses and enlightens imaginations—will you share your desires as we dance to this music we create? Inspiring through your words as I inspire you—a wonderful harmony of two bodies moving together in pure waves of emotions.

Will you listen to my words as a song that you never want out of your head—playing in your mind as you drift off to sleep? Leading you through dreamscapes both magical and wonderful. Waking you up gently with that same song, filling your spirit as you greet the new day.

Listen honey—you’ve heard this song before—but never like this—an intense music we now share orchestrating desires yet to be—can you feel it love? Moving inside you—racing through veins like fire—like futures unbounded and songs yet to be sung. Do you want this every day like I do?

TM DiSarro

©2020 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing


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