Memories like papercuts
And inkwells for your tears
Pretty quills to fill the space
Inside these wasted years

Windows to your soul unfold
Then close up way too soon
While papers full of life’s regrets
Are scattered around your room

You sweep them into corners
As if shards of colored glass
Then lock them inside closets
With the things that never last

Papercuts like wounds of war
Still bleeding from your heart
Focussing on what’s before
And everything that’s not

Blinded by your hate you find
You can’t see past your chin
Keeps you dark and distant
Always outside looking in

Searching through the lines
Between these paragraphs of life
Looking for a clue to how
A pen becomes a knife

Cuts like paper fantasies
Are written in the brain
Scared reminders festering
Like blood will leave a stain

As marks you try to bleach away
But never ever do
There’s always something
More to say
When hiding what is true

There’s no one you can recognize
Beyond their twisted smiles
For inch by inch their lies
Are slowly stretching into miles
Just memories like papercuts
And inkwells full of tears
Written out to represent
The sum of all your fears

TM DiSarro

©2020 TM DiSarro/MindScapes Publishing

from the book…THE BUSHMAN

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