Here is a scene edited out of the novel. In the course of the story, Matthew revisits his past mistakes, loss, death, as well as false memories that have been planted in his life.

“And now our bride and groom would like to share their vows,” Says the Justice and hands Aurora a microphone—

“Matthew—your loving words cover me in a blanket of forever wishes.
A gentle voice in the distance as if music softly playing somewhere
While I’m drifting off to sleep into dreams of sweet tomorrows
Into a place, we used to go where you would read to me as if a child
Something beautiful as I recall
A poem you wrote to me long ago when love was new and so mysterious
Warm like morning sunshine as we’re sitting outside on a carpet of green grass
Lusting for life in mindless wonder
As springtime blossoms
Reaching upwards hungry as if a fire
Every word as unfolding flowers
Beautiful days flowing freely into magical evenings
Full of loving moments and enchantment
Filled with laughter and excitement
On paths to where we’ve always wanted to be or more so—needed to be
Hand in hand here and now, not where or when or there and then
Yet seems like only yesterday when love transcended time and space
Distance bringing past to present
Voices carrying into bloodstreams
Into minds and hearts and souls
Full of amazing passion
Healed with loving sounds of longing
Speaking the languages of love
Every word soothing as a touch or a soft caress
Inside my mind as pleasured hands upon my skin
Speaking once again like a peaceful melody
Or words of love in heartfelt rhyme——I love you, Matthew,” She says with visible tears.

“And now Matthew will read his vows to Aurora.” Says the Justice as he hands me the microphone—

“My dearest Aurora—

We satisfy each other’s mind with fantasies we share
As words create the bonds of love to show we truly care
Our stories become feelings playing in our hearts as songs
A beautiful connection to this place where we belong
So safe within each other’s arms, so perfectly in love
Where everything is magical, and stars align above
A place where we can be so free to speak what’s in our souls
A beautiful connection that is waiting to unfold

I breathe you in as life itself and drink your words like finest wine                                                          Flow as a spirit through your evenings, lose myself inside your mind                                                      Give to you as love is lost so safely wrapped within your arms                                                                Hold you as a precious gift then drown inside your perfect charms                                                      Kissed as if you own my soul with bonds of silence forged in fire                                                          Melts our words as they unfold while radiating our desires                                                                        My joy is found for we are one beyond the bounds of our restraints                                                          To fill in all the life we miss in multiples of colored waves                                                                            As artists strokes with bristles soft will bring our mindscapes into view                                                      As love becomes a dream come true created into something new                                                              As timeless as the winds of fate will take our breath as it blows by                                                            To lift us up to heaven’s gates and paint our names across the sky——I Love you, Aurora!”

“And now by the power vested in me, I pronounce you husband and wife—you may kiss the bride.” The Justice speaks, our friends and family applaud and as we kiss, white doves are set free as a testament to a future never meant to be—

TM DiSarro

From the novel, “THE BUSHMAN”

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