Joy comes in the morning
bringing flowers on my bed
Leaves without a warning
like a thought inside my head

Sorrows chasing shadows
as the evening rolls around
Longing for her whispers
in a vacancy of sound

Days come with acceptance
of the life for which she craves
Blushing at the words
of every love letter she saves

Locked in jars of pens
resembling finger nail files
Grinding down the truth
inside a vacancy of smiles

All in all the walls that fall
are rebuilt in a wink
Missing precious moments
in the instant that we blink

Every lover you release
like arrows that we shoot
Become as stories told
inside a vacancy of truth

Faith comes with a price tag
many souls refuse to pay
Never thinking twice
about the hurtful things we say

Running toward the future
On the sharp end of a knife
Dying as we’re dreaming
in a vacancy of life

Love is an illusion
coming only in the mind
A vision we can follow
or a choice we leave behind

A day that we may cherish
full of sunshine from above
Or nights to spend alone
inside a vacancy of love

TM DiSarro

©2020 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing

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