Silence shoots like poison daggers
deep into my soul
It has a certain beauty
and a power all it’s own

It enters at its own will
as it shatters wicked schemes
Severs all connections from
the daylight to our dreams

The way you say you like me
when you’re hanging
with your friends
Speaks to me how foolishly
life plays when we pretend

Or how you hiss until I miss
the tongue behind your phone
Then you leave so I may grieve
the sounds I crave alone

They say that talk is cheap
and paid as ransom for a lie
Indifferent as it chokes
our fragile words before they die

And sentences are hollow snakes
so useless without words
Like puzzles, we can’t figure out
Unless a sound is heard

Your silence is a fatal bite
so deadly to an answer
It festers then it slithers
through my mind just like a cancer

The only way to stop it
is the whisper of a voice
For what you speak or not
is just a consequence of choice

TM DiSarro

©2018/2020 TM DiSarro/MindScapes Publishing

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