The minor keys just speak to me
Of someone that I used to be
They hide inside my consciousness
A lonely place I must confess
The music plays and always slays
Gray summer days and yellowed rays
Of madness melting into rain
And blue skies brushed against the grain
Of certain tides that shift and ebb
Like birds and bees or spider webs
To catch your breath with slanted songs
To listen as if we belong
Between the notes still haunting me
As secret light we never see
In minor chords with fractured words
To split my writings into thirds
The first to fly
The last to fall
A second chance behind a wall
Of sound and vision keeping beat
With every new love that I meet
We dance a while and can’t forget
The lyric lines we now regret
As minor keys to fill my soul
Rewriting life as stories told
So far away from you and I
While filling books with questions why
Our dreams become the sum of one
Our love reduced to just enough
Our hearts entwined as twisted vines
Our days replayed as darker lines
To heal us as we re-invent
And make our hurt less permanent
But listen how the notes still play
Accompany those thoughts that slay
As psychocentric symphonies
Of life played out in minor keys

TM DiSarro

©2020 TM DiSarro/MindScapes Publishing

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