Into ocean skies we see
Hazy shades of Azure blue
Thinking it was destiny
Something certain
Nothing new

Smiling as you cut the strings
Paper dreams crashed down to earth
Metaphors of fools and kings
Colors fading dreams in dirt

Crumpled paper on the ground
Words to build a nest on high
Stealing thoughts without a sound
Screaming sunrise days fly by

Into shades of auburn red
Running through a summer storm
Feathered pillows for my bed
Cold blood flows
Winds blow warm

What are birds and lovers worth
Kites or feathers on the lawn
Strings cut clean releasing hurt
speechless wonder
Darkest dawn

Crumbled up like broken kites
Watching as you’re laying there
Lengths of strings
Restraining nights
Red dress beaming
Bleach blonde hair

Stainless scissors in your hand
Metaphors are curious things
No remorse from where you stand
Scorpion sunsets
Silence stings

In between the words you cry
Stormy weather hides your crime
Not a clue or questions why
Lost for answers
Out of time

Now a shadow follows me
Sewn in secret to my heals
Doubt is born of mystery
Love destroys what
Pain reveals

Strings tie fast the life we lose
Memories fly but then return
Twist of fate a path we choose
Building walls
Bridges burned

TM DiSarro

2020 TM DiSarro/MindScapes Publishing

ART: Michael Cheval

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