Your voice spins sweet around my head
While speaking slippery words
They fly inside and out my bed
As multicolored birds

I send them back to you in waves
To slide between your ears
Your mouth keeps moving faster
Saying more than what you hear

You speak in tongues of fantasy
Inside this velvet room
As hands caress while I confess
The words you now consume

You’re never satisfied it seems
On this we can depend
As whispers always turn to screams
Before your stories end

Now dancing on my pillow
As you hide behind a mask
You tell me things I need to hear
Whatever I may ask

As sentences flow out your mouth
Like candy coated rain
They fly up to the ceiling
And return inside your name

These slippery words as honey
Bind our kisses with delight
And tie our tongues as hunger
As we slip into the night

TM DiSarro

©2020 TM DiSarro/MindScapes Publishing

ART: Michael Cheval

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